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  • No Minimum Credit Score
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George Nguyen, Sr Loan Officer

George Thanh Nguyen is the managing partner of Keep Your Home Now and is proudly inspired by the smiles of his clients. With 20+ years of customer service and managing experience in the financial field, it sure pays well knowing this his clients are well satisfied with service. A true meaning of success lies with the clients overall feedback. Making sure they are happy in the end regardless.

Client Testimonials:

“When we first contacted each other, I was worried that my loan couldn’t be done. After a while, my worries were gone. Believe me, from the very first transaction it became a smooth sail.”
– Edmund A.

“George worked so hard to find the best loan to save my home from foreclosure. His personality is one that speaks to truthfulness and honesty. He is definitely a friend for life. Once again George thanks for all your hard work.”
– A. J.

“George Nguyen was very patient with me especially on those stressful days while I was working and at the same time trying to come up with the requirements. George delivered what was promised and  I will do business again with this firm in the future.”
– Corinne J.

Avoid Foreclosure

We do the impossible! With the right help, virtually any foreclosure situation can be successfully resolved.We close pre-foreclosure loans the fastest, easiest, and with the most common sense of any lender. Contact us now for immediate help. We have a variety of foreclosure loans and foreclosure bailout loan options to help our borrowers avoid foreclosure.

Save Your Home

You don’t need a bank to get a mortgage with a low, low rate. We specialize in loads for California, Florida, Texas and Nevada. We have a long history of getting Hard and Private Money Loans to save your home from foreclosure. Even if you financial history is less-than-perfect, we have a loan program that is right for you. Don’t wait – time is of the essence, so make sure to reach out today!

Areas Serviced: CA, FL TX and NV